I feel like this public relations group project just started…

As the semester rapidly comes to an end it is both exciting and exhausting to tie up all the loose ends of this SCVNGR project. Although my group got a late start, I am very happy with the time I have spent working with the Capitol Park Museum. Everyone has been nothing but nice and helpful. Not only have the people been amazing but also the museum is perfect for setting up treks. There is so much to see in the museum that I don’t think they could ever run out of ideas for treks.

It is exciting to almost be done and I have learned a lot throughout this experience. However, this time came faster than I thought it would. With finals and other end of the year projects it is nerve racking to think of all of the little things we have left to do.

Fortunately, I am in a great group. Like any other job you may be put into you have to learn each individual’s personality and learn to work together. Even with our bumpy start, I think my group did a great job of sticking it out and working hard.

I stick to what I said in the beginning of this class. This class is still hard and very time consuming, but it has helped me a lot. I have strengthened my public relations writing skills and got a great group experience. Also, I always thought I was a good speaker, but now I have an experience of speaking to corporate individuals.

To finish off my thoughts about this class I’m going to hit on something new. I feel two totally different emotions about the public relations campaigns class I have to take next semester. After taking this class I feel like I will be more prepared for what is to come in the campaigns class. However, I have been told it is a lot harder. I am glad I can feel somewhat prepared, but I am still nervous for what is to come.

I guess there is no way for me to wrap my emotions and feeling about this class into one word. I appreciate what I have learned and the help I have received. I feel that I have made new friends, mentors and contacts from the events in this class. I’m excited to continue to grow and learn to the best of my ability. 

What is in store for me in the PR world

It is crazy to think that my junior year of college is about to come to an end. It does not seem real to me that I have already scheduled classes for my senior year. I am so nervous, but so excited for the next step in my life.

As I said before, it is surreal to think that it is almost time for me to have a “real job.” I guess being the youngest of three children still makes me feel like a baby. As I am coming to find out, I may always be my “mommas baby,” but it is time to grow up. It is scary and exciting to think about job interviews and what the future holds for me. I am well aware that I will most likely have to go through many failures before I find the right place for me.

I have always thought, “hey everyone needs public relations… so finding a job will be easy.” Well, even if that were the case I am finding out through my public relations classes that I would not be happy in every public relations position.

In my senior year at Louisiana State University I hope to find out everything I can about job opportunities. I hope to really put myself out there, and to not be scared of anything that may come my way. I want to do all that I can to find my dream job and really make a name for myself.

I know that this journey will come with a lot of trial and error. Fortunately, in my time at LSU I have had some great professors that can help me along the way. I am also thankful for my brother’s wife who is in public relations. I look to her as sort of a mentor, and know that she will try her hardest to help me and answer any questions I have.

Public relations is growing and with technology constantly changing. I am so excited to enter this new chapter of my life. My goal is to bring as much as I can to the table, but leave with even more. I want to learn everything I can, and share my knowledge with the world. This next step terrifies me, because where I go from here will be what continues shaping me for the rest of my life. 




My group gets to bring SCVNGR to the Capitol Park Museum!

SO EXCITED! My “public relations firm,” or class group, has finally locked down a client to work with. It feels like I have been looking for a nonprofit organization to work with us forever! Now we have the amazing opportunity to bring SCVNGR to the Capitol Park Museum. This is really exciting for us because not only do we get to help them with making people aware of the museum—we are helping them with a name change. The Capitol Park Museum is in the processes of changing to this name. They were formerly the Louisiana State Museum. The name has yet to even change on the building or website, but they said they wanted us to start promoting it!

This will be a fun challenge for us. We will be able to use SCVNGR to it fullest. I feel that SCVNGR is a great source to use so that people know that the museum hasn’t changed, it is just the name. SCVNGR will be able to make people aware of what is going on while also giving people great brand experiences. It will hopefully cause less confusion in their transition and make everything easier.

I am looking forward to seeing what we can do for this museum. Everyone I have spoken to has been extremely nice and helpful. I told them I was on a deadline for school, and they worked as fast as they could to give me the answers I needed. I have complete faith that my group working with the Capitol Park Museum will be a great match.

The next venture is to find out more about this name change from Louisiana State Museum to Capitol Park Museum, and to start coming up with our treks. When I went to the museum for my meeting it was actually the first time I had been. Being from Texas I am so used to seeing all about Texas history. I was very cool to walk through the museum and see the similarities and differences between the two. Also walking through got me so excited about how many different places we could have people go on treks. The options are almost limitless, because the museum is so big! I am really amped to work with the Capitol Park Museum, and I hope I have transferred my enthusiasm to my group. I also hope people are as excited as I am to attempt these treks!




Trying to offer a nonprofit SCVNGR for free can be harder than it seems!

So I have found out (the very hard way) that just because you have something free to offer a nonprofit organization doesn’t mean they are going to work with you. 

When starting the SCVNGR project for my PR writing class I thought know one would turn down free advertisement. Apparently I thought wrong. Many organizations are just too busy, or are skeptical about working with college students. Though I know these businesses are busy and stressed, they have done an amazing job of making me a little more stressed.

I have contacted seven different nonprofit museums and each one turned me down for some reason or another. Though all of the museums thought SCVNGR seemed fun and interesting, something came up to them turn me down.

As of right now I am crossing my fingers that the nonprofit I am talking to right now wants to work with us. They seem very excited, but unfortunately this is not a one-stop agreement. For this particular organization the information has to be passed along and approved by four different people.

I am so excited to work with this particular museum, if they approve. There is so much for SCVNGR users to interact with. When reading about other organizations that have used SCVNGR having many different things to interact with makes the experience more enjoyable.

Although it is pretty annoying sending emails, calling and meeting with all these organizations, it is improving my professional social skills. In the business world knowing what to do is very important, but I feel that is only half the job. I feel that you resume is important, but your personal and social skills are half the battle when getting a job. This project is going to look great on a resume, and really help me when it comes to a real life situation in public relations. I hope to continue learning, growing and building patience through this project.

I really do hope this organization decides to work with us, because then we can get moving to all the other fun aspects of our project. I am so excited to actually set up the “treks” and get the ball rolling with SCVNGR.

I hope there are good things to come with this project, and can’t wait to see the final results of all of my groups hard work.

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Working through the stress of work

Time management, due dates, organization, planning and stress. These are some of the things I am finding to play large roles in a public relations professionals world. I always thought of myself as a pretty organized person that always had my stuff together. However, my PR writing class is really making me push with everything I have. This class is by far my most stressful, but I also think it is most helpful. 

In previous classes I have learned about press releases, media kits, brochures, sales letters and other things involved in PR. Now I am forced to do them and do them quick. Before we would learn something and work and do edits on it for an extended period of time. With the class it is MORE like a real life experience.

I tend to stress myself out easily. I have always known that stressing and thinking about what you have to do never gets the work done. This class has made me work on focusing more and stressing less. If I don’t quit stressing I won’t get the work done. I am starting to realize that everything I am doing for this class is important and will help me in the longrun, and if I just put my mind to what I am doing I will feel so much better when it is finished. 

I will be completely honest when I say I complain about this class a lot. Although, I think this is the wake up call that I needed to grow up and take things more seriously. I do have other classes and other activities that need my focus, but I will also have other things to focus on when I have a job that will need my attention. When it comes down to it, it is all about time management, planning and organization.

As always I hope to make an “A” in this class, but more importantly I hope to leave learning and remembering how to do all this things I am doing in this class. Being tested on information doesn’t mean you know how to do it. Being forced to actually create something multiple times, like we do in this class, is the best way to learn and remember. I hope all that I am doing in this class gradually becomes easier so I can stop complaining about it. I know for a fact my friends feel the same way, because they are tired of hearing about it too. 

An example of how this class has pushed me to finish something, I had an unfinished LinkedIn, an unused Twitter, and an unprofessional Facebook. Now these things are up and running.

Bringing SCVNGR to a nonprofit

Nonprofit. This word used to scare me. However, after learning more about them I am now intrigued. 

The word non-profit used to trigger the words “no money” to me. I now know this is not always true. I now can see myself working with nonprofit organizations, because I feel like I would genuinely enjoy my job. I have a bubbly personality and I love making other people happy. I feel like certain non-profit organizations would match up with my personality perfectly. In looking for a job I obviously want to make money and provide for my future family, but I also want to want to work. I hope in the future I know enough about myself to accurately choose a job to fit me.  

In my public relations writing class at Louisiana State University we have the opportunity of working with a nonprofit organization. I am overly excited because I will be getting a glimpse of what I would be doing if this were my job. Although I do think this class will be challenging, this will be a great learning opportunity for me. If I really enjoy working with the nonprofit I will definitely keep it on my radar, if not I will know to steer clear. 

In this class we have been given the chance to give, for free, the application SCVNGR to a nonprofit organization. SCVNGR is a gaming device that sends people on treks. These treks will have some relation to the organization you are working with. In doing the treks the customers will learn more about the organization and form a bond with it in a fun and active way.

I know an organization may be skeptical to work with college students, but I hope they are willing to give us a chance. I plan to work for the organization as if I were at a job and getting paid. As I see it this is a win-win situation. We will get a wonderful, real world experience that we could never get sitting in a classroom, and the organization will get free exposure. I hope the organization doesn’t even hesitate when they find out what we want to do for them.

I believe, no matter what you are doing or where you are in life, there is always room to learn and grow. I feel that this opportunity has been given to me for a reason, and I am going to take full advantage of it every step of the way.